The Tech Therapy Couch: Honor Thyself.


Coming to you from the great outdoors today, because sometimes you have to get OFF the couch!

You need advice… From your industry, from coaches and professionals, from customers, and from close friends and family. But you also need to make sure you are gut-checking everything you do.

What does a legitimate gut check look like? If you’re thinking you shouldn’t do something because you don’t “feel like it” or because you’re scared that you’re doing to “miss the window” or someone’s going to “steal your idea”, then you’re looking at the wrong things. That’s not a gut check, that’s fear talking, and I highly recommend you never act from fear.

If you’re thinking you want to give it a little more time to get more information, or if you’re feeling like you went a little too far down a road that doesn’t create what you wanted in the world, check in with yourself to find out why you feel that way… And then LISTEN to yourself!

The end game may not look exactly like what you thought, and that’s ok. In fact, it almost never does. But if it “feels” wrong, listen to that, honor that, and use all of your community and their advice to get yourself and your idea back on track.

From beautiful, sunny Colorado… Happy Hump Day! 🙂

Original Post right here: The Tech Therapy Couch: Honor Thyself.

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