Tips For Translating Your Ideas Into Reality

Ideas Turned Into Reality

Feel and perseverate

It is not enough just to repeat your ideas or to have a vision. You need to interiorize your ideas, to feel them, to be able to express them properly. If you want to translate your ideas into reality, you must begin to cultivate the excitement of the experience as if it was real already.

You must work on this and perseverate in your attempt to translate what is in your mind. The ideas must go through a quite long process of understanding and polishing, especially the android app development ideas you have.


If you do not believe what you say, you have all the “chances” to experience the opposite of what you want to achieve. If you force yourself to express your ideas, but you do not think yet that they can be transformed into reality, you will only feel very frustrated, instead of inspired

Act as if your ideas are already real

Act as if you already managed to make your ideas real. Act as you already are the person who managed to do this and now you have what you want. As if you have accomplished your goal.  Remember that your ideas are not less real just because they are still only inside your head.

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